SIBL Education Savings Scheme

Double Investment Facility on Your Deposit

SIBL has brought this deposit product to relieve the worry of guardians who dream of their children’s higher education but anxious about educational expenses.


05 years, 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.

Monthly Deposit

Monthly minimum deposit Tk.1000.00 and any amount multiple of Tk.1,000.00 (such as Tk.1,000.00, Tk.2,000.00, Tk. 5,000.00  and Maximum Tk.1,00,000.00)

Investment Facility

Scheme holders can avail double investment facility of deposited amount or equal amount accrued at the end of tenure or Tk.15.00 Lac, whichever is minimum.

Investment facility can be availed after 24 installments in 02 years.

The repayment can be completed within 05 years, but not over the tenure of the scheme.

Student File Opening for Higher Studies

No additional fees & charges for opening Student File for SIBL Education Savings Scheme holders.

Other Specifications

A mudaraba savings account to be opened so that insatallment amount to be automatically deposited to the DPS account. No charge/fee applicable in this case.

Govt. Tax/duty will be deducted from the profit as per existing law and rules.

If closed before 5 years, profits will be applicable as per Mudaraba Savings Account.

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