Mudaraba Notice Deposit (MND)

Mudaraba Notice Deposit (MND) is another kind of deposit scheme where depositor under MND shall get the specific share of minimum ……% of the distributable Investment income. Here profit shall be calculated on daily basis balance of deposit but applied twice in a year i.e. June and December. 7 Seven days Prior notice is mandatory for withdrawing any amount from MND A/C or else profit will be applicable on minimum balance for the month.  

Required Documents

  • Account opening form and other documents available at the branch
  • 02 copies passport size photographs of account holder duly attested by introducer
  • 1 copy photograph of nominee duly attested by the account holder
  • Identification proof like National ID Card/Passport/Driving License
  • Minimum deposit Tk.2000/-
  • Introducer signature and Account Number