Social Islami Bank PLC has been welcoming the advent of technology in transforming traditional businesses into adapting digital platform and inclusion of unbanked people of different sections of the society into banking channels. With the vision of bringing digital financial services to the doorsteps of people, an innovative new service “SIBL EduPay” has been launched for collecting tuition fee and other fees of educational institutions (School, College, University, Madrasah, Coaching Center & any other educational entities).


Facilities for Educational Institutions:

  • Any educational institution can connect with the “SIBL EduPay” system. Even if an educational institution does not have any automation, it can connect with our banking system. In this case, the information of the fees payable by the students will be confirmed by the educational institution by "bulk uploading" and "approving" in the “SIBL EduPay” system.
  • If an organization already has an automation, i.e., “School Management System”, it can connect with “SIBL EduPay” through API integration. In that case, students have to pay the fee as per the information obtained from the system of the educational institution.
  • Users of educational institutions can get report on current day's deposited fees, any student’s deposited amounts at various times, class-wise and monthly fees collection which the institution can use in preparing of their accounts. It should be noted that by using this service, a permanent database of transactions will be prepared for the educational institution.                                                                                                                                            
  • Since students can pay their payable fees either by visiting the bank or online, the educational institution will be freed from the hassle of hiring separate manpower to collect the money which will save their time and expenditure.


Facilities for Students:

  • Students/guardians of students are able to pay fees by using their credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Nexus Card) and internet banking of various banks (City bank, BRAC bank, SEB, etc.) as well as other mobile banking (bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay etc.) services and Mobile Wallets from the “SIBL edupay” web-portal with an additional amount as operational charge.
  • Students/guardians of students can pay their fee without paying additional charges using online channels of SIBPLC or visiting any branch/sub-branch of Social Islami Bank PLC.
  • Using “SIBL edupay”, students/guardians of students can view details of their due and paid fees.


Social Islami Bank PLC provides necessary training for educational institutions during the period of their integration with the banking system. Subsequently, the customer service is always at the side of the customers for any necessary queries and other assistance.