• No loading fee
  • Shari'ah based card
  • 100% withdrawn facility of deposited money from ATM
  • Card can be used at all ATM and POS with VISA logo in Saudi Arabia
  • Unlimited withdrawn transactions facility
  • Government approved amount of dollar and riyal under hajj quota can be carried through the card
  • Roaming bill of mobile can be paid from the card
  • It is totally a substitute of travelers cheque and cash
  • It is total safe and secured.

Other Facilities :

  • No Yearly Charge
  • Interest free transaction
  • No requirement for Credit Report
  • Like Credit Card, no extra information is required
  • Very Easy to get back the unutilized money
  • No hidden charge 

Special Card Facilities :

  • For Hajj Agency Card Holders, 25000 Saudi Riyal can be withdrawn at a time from Saudi Arabian ATM
  • Hajji's expenditure Bill Payment Facilities 

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