Lots of floating businesses are found in all the big cities in the country. They are commonly known as hawkers. They are also creating jobs and contributing to the economy. But this portion of business entities is still out of banking facilities. In order to facilitate their business, SIB introduced a tailored product for the business development of hawkers, namely “Hawkers Deposit & Business Development Scheme”.  


Must be a citizen of Bangladesh and a minimum of 18 years old.

Monthly Deposit: Monthly minimum deposit Tk.1000.00 and any amount multiple of Tk.1,000.00 (such as Tk.1,000.00, Tk.2,000.00, Tk. 5,000.00).


Investment Facility:

  • Scheme holders can avail of investment facility of deposited amount their business development purpose, shop rent, or the like.
  • Investment facility can be availed up to 80 percent of deposited amount.
  • Quard facility is available if the initial deposit is Tk.1.00 Lac (Taka One Lac).
  • Investment facility under this scheme can be availed against individual/group guarantee.


Other Specifications:

  • A mudaraba savings account to be opened so that installment amount to be automatically deposited to the DPS account. No charge/fee applicable in this case.
  • Only Tk.100.00 is required to open mudaraba savings account.
  • In case of encashment before 3 years, profits will be applicable as per Mudaraba Savings Account.
  • Govt. Tax/duty will be deducted from the profit as per existing law and rules.
  • All kinds of service charge waived.

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