“SIBL Driver Deposit Scheme” is a particularly designed product for the drivers. This scheme paves the way for the drivers to materialize their dreams of having a car of their own.


  • Must be a citizen of Bangladesh and a minimum of 18 years old.
  • Updated professional/non-professional driving license subject to verification.

Tenure: 5/7/10/12/15/20 years.

  • Amount of Monthly Instalment: Monthly minimum deposit Tk.1000.00 and any amount multiple of Tk.1,000.00 (such as Tk.1,000.00, Tk.2,000.00, Tk. 5,000.00 etc.).

Investment Facility:

  • Scheme holders can avail of investment facility for purchasing car.
  • Scheme holders can avail of investment facility after 3 years of opening the account.
  • Investment facility can be availed up to 90 percent of deposited amount.
  • Bank’s investment policy will be applicable.

Other Facilities:

  • Debit Card/Credit Card facility for the scheme holders.
  • Beneficiaries of the scheme can avail 40 percent discount in SIBL Foundation Hospital & Diagnostic Center.

Other Specifications:

  • A mudaraba savings account to be opened so that installment amount to be automatically deposited to the DPS account. No charge/fee applicable in this case.
  • In case of encashment before 5 years, profits will be applicable as per Mudaraba Savings Account.
  • Govt. Tax/duty will be deducted from the profit as per existing law and rules.

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