Financial inclusion of lower income groups specially the RMG workers is the core concept of this scheme. Availing this scheme lower income groups can now also earn lucrative profit by investing small amount monthly.

  • This scheme is run in compliance with Mudaraba policy of Islami Shariah.
  • This scheme has been initiated for the lower-income group people especially for women workers of RMG sector.
  • Depositing a small amount monthly the scheme holders can withdraw the total deposit at a time including attractive profit or as in periodical/monthly pension scheme after maturity.
  • Scheme holders can secure their future by withdrawing the amount in lump sum or as monthly pension.
  • This scheme can be opened for a period of 3, 5 and 10 years.
  • The scheme holder shall get insurance facility if he or she becomes disable to work due to any kind of accident including fire burn.
  • The scheme holders shall be entitled to insurance facility of up to Tk 50,000 regardless of whatever amount accumulated in the account by the monthly deposits including the profit.
  • The scheme holder shall get separate insurance certificate in his/her name.
  • The scheme takers would get up to 80 percent investment facility on total deposit.
  • The scheme holders are entitled to a savings account at the bank.
  • Conditions applicable.

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