International Business of the Bank comprises of jobs relating to bank's foreign exchange operations, correspondent banking arrangement, foreign remittance, NOSTRO Accounts management, F. Ex. Reconciliation, OBU Support Service, EDF Service, investment line arrangement and relationship with regulatory bodies and stakeholders. International Division of the Bank supports Authorized Dealers (AD) and facilitates the foreign trade business of the 22 AD Branches and 2 CTPUs. In addition to the ADs and CTPUs, foreign exchange support services of the bank are also offered through a Centralized Remittance Processing Unit and a full fledged Offshore Banking Unit (OBU). International Division of the Bank is also responsible for issuing Circulars/Circular letters/Instructions of Bangladesh Bank and other regulators.

AD Branch List

SL No. AD Code Branch Name Division SWIFT Code
1 1201 Head Office Dhaka SOIVBDDHCTP
2 1202 Principal Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHPRN
3 1203 Agrabad Branch Chottogram SOIVBDDHAGB
4 1204 Khulna Branch Khulna SOIVBDDHKHU
5 1205 Sylhet Branch Sylhet SOIVBDDHSYL
6 1206 Rajshahi Branch Rajshahi SOIVBDDHRAJ
7 1207 Babu Bazar Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHBBR
8 1208 Gulshan Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHGUL
9 1209 Bogra Branch Rajshahi SOIVBDDHBOG
10 1210 Moulvi Bazar Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHMVR
11 1211 Foreign Exchange Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHFEX
12 1212 Khatungonj Branch Chottogram SOIVBDDHKTJ
13 1213 Banani Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHBAN
14 1214 Jubilee Road Branch Chottogram SOIVBDDHJUB
15 1215 Narayanganj Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHNGJ
16 1216 Uttara Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHUTR
18 1218 Panthopath Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHPPB
19 1219 Dhanmondi Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHDHA
20 1220 New Iskaton Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHESK
21 1221 Mohakhali Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHMHK
22 1222 Corporate Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHCOR
23 1223 Bashundhara Branch Dhaka SOIVBDDHBAS