SIBL is a name of faith and trust in the banking sector of the country and abroad since its inception on 22 November 1995. It has established its Brand at the top of banking industry. The strong conviction to create a caring society is the cornerstone of SIBL’s all activities. SIBL feels a strong affinity to emotions of people. SIBL believes that only banking activities can’t usher our society to a just and equitable stage. Thus, SIBL has set up a hospital for poor people at a minimal cost and very often free of cost. SIBL is extensively engaged in various social welfare activities of the country. We know that keeping any segment of the people behind, no development will be sustainable in the long run. We have joined UCEP Bangladesh to provide training development program to underprivileged youth of the society. Under this joint venture 200 youth will receive training every year with job placement facilities. This is a great stride towards sustainable development.

Started the great journey with only five branches more than two decades ago, we have been able to weave the web of financial services through setting up branches, banking booths and agent banking outlets. Our strong and widespread network across the country have made financial services more affordable and accessible even to the people of remotest region.

Over the last couple of years, we have observed that digital technology is having phenomenal impact on businesses around the world and creating exciting and viable new opportunities for us to partner with clients. However, capitalizing on this opportunity requires a strong focus on innovation and collaboration. We are investing on technology more than any time before. We have introduced a mobile app “SIBL NOW” for providing banking services at your finger tip. We always concentrate to bring technology-driven products to make the life easier.

We strongly believe that only game changing initiatives can help achieve any business goals. These goals have to be viewed in the context of significant external and internal challenges. Markets are volatile, business models are changing rapidly, new capabilities need to be built and the organization needs to adapt with great agility. Our focused energy, creativity and discipline are the beginning to show tangible results.

Now the logo of SIBL is inscribed at the heart of Bangladesh for its each feather stands for a single promise. SIBL has been striving tirelessly to keep the promise upholding the values of its clients and well-wishers. SIBL as a Brand is now the North Star, followed by many.

Prof. Md. Anwarul Azim Arif