We offer a wide range of products to facilitate your need in international trade requirement through Export & Import Financing.

Export Financing

Export Financing is provided in two phases i.e.  in Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment phases.

Pre-Shipment Export Finance

Pre Shipment export finance is a short term working capital finance specially provided to an exporter against the documentary evidence of having entered into export commitment. Pre Shipment Finance is granted at the stage prior to the shipment of goods to procure raw materials for paying manufacturing, packing charges, insurance premium, and freight etc. On execution of the shipment of goods, the pre shipment finance is to be adjusted from the proceeds of export bills.

The Pre Shipment finance is categorized broadly as per following:

1. Back to Back L/C (Inland and Foreign)

2. Bai-Salam (PSI)


For further detail, please contact your nearest SIBL Branch

Post Shipment Export Finance

This type of facilities extended to the exporters after shipment of the goods against export documents. Necessity for such credit arises as the exporter cannot afford to wait for a long time for payment to local manufacturers/suppliers. Before extending such credit, it is necessary to obtain report on creditworthiness and financial soundness of the buyers as well as other relevant documents connected with the exporter in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

Negotiation/Bill Purchase(FBP/IBP)

Under this arrangement, after the shipment of the goods, the exporter submits the related export documents for negotiation. The documents should be negotiated strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions and within the period mentioned in the letter of credit.


Import Financing:

We offer import financing through various types of Letter of Credit solutions in the form of Murabaha, and Wakala, and HPSM.



  • Import LC (Cash/Usance)
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Trust Receipt
  • MurabahaPost Import (MPI)
  • Buyer’s Credit through UPAS LC

For further detail, please contact your nearest SIBL Branch



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