To provide faster and quality services to the foreign trade clients, SIBL is operating two CTPUs, one in Dhaka and another in Chottogram in addition to 22 AD branches. These two CTPUs comprising of experienced foreign trade officers are providing trade services in an efficient manner, which is enabling the bank to ensure discipline enhance monitoring in the foreign trade regime of the bank. The CTPUs conduct foreign trade businesses of Non-AD Branches of the Bank by opening all forms of LCs, Issuing Shipping Guarantees, Handling Import Documents, Advising & Transferring LCs, Purchasing or Negotiating Local & Foreign Export Documents, Handling of Export Documents, and Handling all forms of private & commercial remittances. It also provides other AD services like applying for special permission of Bangladesh Bank through International Division on behalf of the clients of Non-AD branches with due care and utmost sincerity. In addition to that, the CTPUs conduct all online and online reporting of all foreign exchange business of Non-AD Branches to Bangladesh Bank.