Denmohor' is considered one of rights of the wives which are enforceable by Islami Sariah. This product is aimed to create consciousness for paying 'Denmohor' among married as well as unmarried men of Bangladesh. It also reduces the burden of men in paying a lump sum amount of 'Denmohar'.

  • The scheme holders can operate the account on the basis of Mudaraba policy of Islami Shariah.
  • By depositing the monthly installments the beneficiaries shall be able to pay Denmohor to their wives after a certain period (05 years and 10 years).
  • This account is opened only on a single name.
  • The scheme holders are entitled to a savings account at the bank.
  • In case of emergency the depositors can withdraw total deposit (including profit) before maturity and in that case the savings rate is applicable.

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