Our Vision

  • Working together for a caring society
    দরদী সমাজ গঠনে সমবেত অংশগ্রহণ

Our Mission

  • Establishing Three Sector Banking Model
  • Transformation to a service oriented technology driven profit earning Bank
  • Fast, accurate and satisfactory customer service
  • Balanced & sustainable growth strategy
  • Optimum return on shareholders’ equity
  • Introducing innovative Islamic Banking Products
  • Attracting and retaining high quality human resources
  • Empowering real poor families and creating local income opportunities
  • Providing support for social benefit organizations by way of mobilizing funds and social services

Our values


  • To be honest is ordained by the scripture – we stick to this value in all our service provision.


  • Remaining transparent in all acts is a virtue that's builds trust - we adhere to it.


  • Efficiency implies perfection in any job done - we strive to render full satisfaction with it.


  • To be accountable is to be responsible and above any suspicion - we are dutifully there.


  • SIBL enhances economic well being with regard to the bliss of religious ethics.


  • Our minds and eyes are open to the evolution in quality of life to innovate further benefits for the service takers.


  • Flexibility leads to better understanding and greater satisfaction - we pursue the quality.


  • Customers must feel secure with all our products and services - we keep on ensuring it.


  • Modern life is technology dependent - we keep looking for the latest development to provide the best in ease to our clients.