The world is moving towards digitization and our banking industry is also coping with this transformation. Innovation in technology, widening the concept of multifunctional uses of a device like ATMs are increasing day by day. This multifunctionality of ATMs will create opportunity for Bank to earn extra mileage and transaction cost will be minimized as same self-service terminal with existing infrastructure will be used.


Under this features, any bKash Account holder can cash out money from SIBL ATMs.


Minimum Cash Out Amount Per Transaction  :       BDT 3000/-

Maximum Cash Out Amount Per Transaction :       BDT 20000/-

Maximum Cash Out Amount Per Day              :       BDT 25000/-

No Of Transaction Per Day                              :       As Per bKash Account Limit.

Fees per Thousands Cash-out                         :       Tk 14.90/- (Including VAT)