SIBL Internet Banking

Internet Banking facilitates managing money anytime and anywhere. Presently provide following features through our Internet Banking for our clients which will be enhanced gradually:


  • Available accounts: View available accounts and related statements
  • Account Statement: View account statements for a date range
  • Fund transfer: Fund transfer between connected accounts in SIBL up to the limit
  • Mobile topup: Balance recharge for mobile phone operators up to the limit
  • Standing instruction: View available standing instructions for the account(if any)
  • Cheque Inquary: View status of a cheque against the cheque number
  • Change password: Change internet banking password

Security Issues

To secure against Internet fraudsters there should be continuous effort and awareness practice. We have implemented SSL security certificate for ensuring secured transaction over internet and secured our environment. Personal awareness of internet banking users can reduce many of internet banking threats. We want to help our customers to better protect themselves against potential Internet threats.

Security Tips

  • DO NOT Share your internet banking password/ SMS token with anyone else
  • Use strong password and change the password frequently.
  • DO NOT use the "save password option" on your computer
  • DO NOT write down any password or disclose it to anyone, including bank associates
  • Make sure typing correct address:
  • Check your account balances and statements regularly to identify any unusual transactions.
  • Always logout from Internet Banking when you are done using it.
  • Never leave your PC unattended while you are logged in.

  • Avoid using cyber cafes and other public places for logging on to banking system. If you must then be careful of surroundings, do not store or save username and password in the browser and log out properly. Try to use Virtual Keyboard for entering your password for security.

  • In a situation when you cannot trace your mobile and if you think that you may have lost and/or your email account (linked with internet banking) is compromised it then please contact SIBL Helpdesk immediately to block your online Banking service temporarily.

  • Be wary of fraudulent, suspicious or unsolicited emails, links hyperlinks or redirections from non-SIBL web sites that may display SIBL logos or graphics to mislead user into submitting confidential information such as login ID, password, credit card numbers, account numbers or other account information.

  • Check the authenticity of the site by reviewing the certificate. If there is in any doubt/confusion about the source of any email, it's best to delete it without opening it. Don't download any attachments if you are not sure about it.

  • Install industry-recommended firewall and virus detection software to protect against hackers, virus attacks and malicious "Trojan Horse" programs. These security programs can help to increase security and are available at most computer software stores.

  • Update the anti-virus/firewall software with security patches or newer versions on regular basis.
  • Delete and block junk or chain mails.
  • Do not install software or run programs of unknown origin.
  • Do not open email attachments from strangers.