This attractive scheme is designed to facilitate the scheme holders conducting their daily transactions and earning profit simultaneously. So it is a double benefit scheme which gives you the opportunity to earn lucrative profit while carrying your daily transactions without any hindrance.

  • The scheme is run in compliance with Mudaraba policy of Islami Shariah
  • Sanchita is a special deposit scheme which shall provide the scheme holders lucrative profit rate.
  • This scheme can be used for daily transactions.
  • This scheme requires minimum deposit of Tk. 25,000
  • The scheme holders shall be insured against any risk of accident and shall be entitled to an insurance facility from Tk.50,000 to Tk.1,00,000
  • The scheme holders shall get up to 80 percent investment facility on total deposit.
  • The scheme holders are entitled to a savings account at the bank.
  • The account can be closed before maturity in emergency and in that case profit would be given at savings rate of the bank
  • Conditions applicable.

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