Mudaraba Term Deposit

  • Mudaraba Term Deposits are accepted by the bank with a sum of Tk. 5000 or above (multiple of 1000) from individuals (single and joint), firms (Proprietorship/Partnership), limited companies, autonomous bodies, charitable institutions, association, educational institution, local bodies, trusts, etc, against issuance of nontransferable receipts in acknowledgement of MTD account may be opened in the names of minors jointly with their guardians, for example
    Received from Mr. X Guardian of Mister/Miss.... (Minor)
  • The Mudaraba Term Deposits are accepted for different periods as of 12, 24, 36 months. Weightage on the rate of return is given to deposits of longer maturity.


  • Matured deposit if not encashed within one month of maturity, the deposit shall automatically be renewed for the period it kept before


We appreciate your visit to the nearest SIBL Branch for further details and assistance.