Mudaraba Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme

Count your profit in every month end, meet your expenditure more comfortably.

Specialties of the Scheme 

  • Attractive profit.
  • Tk.525/- for tenure 1 year and Tk.550/ for tenure 2 year.
  • The deposit scheme starts with minimum from Tk.100,000.00 to any amount.
  • Profit will be deposited in savings account.
  • If closed before maturity, profits will be applicable as per Mudaraba Savings Account.
  • Tax, vat, excise duty will be applicable as per existing laws and regulations.

Necessary papers to open Super DPS

  • NID, Photocopy of Passport or Driving License or Official ID Card.
  • 02 copies of passport size photographs of client, photocopy of NID and 01 copy passport size photograph of nominee.

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