The use of digital devices such as smartphone, tab, laptop, etc. among the students of school, college and university has increased exponentially of late. Considering the importance of digital devices for students, SIBL introduced security-free investment facility to purchase the essential devices. The guardians of the students can avail from Tk.50,000.00 to Tk.2,00,000.00 from SIBL to purchase their desired digital device.



Types of client

Minimum Monthly Income

Guardian of Student (service)

Taka. 20,000.00

Guardian of Student (self-employed professional)

Taka. 30,000.00

Guardian of Student (Business or building owner who has earning from rent)

Taka. 40,000.00


Investment Amount:

  • Minimum Tk.50,000.00
  • Maximum Tk.2,00,000.00

Repayment Tenor:

12 to 36 equal monthly installments.


SIBL Investment Policy will be applicable for SIBL Retail Investment for Students


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