• Purchase of brand new andreconditioned Car, Jeep,Station Wagon, 4- Wheeler and Microbus for private useonly.
  • Car price as quoted by thevendor may include registration cost
  • Car ageshould not be more than 5 years older from the dateof manufacturing.

Customers Segment/ Eligibility criteria    

  • Salaried executives of reputed organizations having salary accounts with any Banks
  • Salaried executives of various Govt./Semi-government organizations/ Autonomous bodies
  • Self-Employed/ Professionals like Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Consultants and IT professionals
  • Teachers of reputed Public Universities, Reputed Government/Private college/Madrasah, Medical College, Private Universities & Colleges.
  • Well reputed business man/land lords or ladies whose income must be reflected in the Bank Statements.

Investment Amount (min & max)    

  • Minimum TK. 200,000/-
  • Maximum TK. 40,00,000/- or 16 times of gross monthly income, whichever is lower. (Investment amount subject to revision followed by prudential guidelines of BB from time to time).

Investment Tenor

  • 12-72 months for Brand New Vehicles only.
  • 12-60 months for Reconditioned Vehicles.

Advance /Partial Pre-Payment

Allowed at any point of time without any types of Fee/Charges.

Early final settlement

Allowed at any point of time without any types of Fee/Charges.

Personal Guarantee

Two (02) guarantor including One (01) 3rd party Guarantor & One (01) Personal Guarantee from Spouse/Parents/Blood Relatives is required.

Documents Required for Car Specification

Car Quotation from well reputed vendors with client’s acceptance must be submitted.
(A preferred/authorized car vendor’s list will be circulated by Head Office Retail Investment Division)

Required Documents    

Salaried Executives:

Letter of Introduction (LOI), Payslip (if available), Copy of National ID/Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ Employee ID, Bank Statements for last 6/12 months, Photographs, TIN Certificate, Business Card etc.

Self Employed Professionals:

Copy of National ID/Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving Licence, Bank Statement for last 12 months, Certificate of professional degree (i.e. MBBS etc.), Certificate of Membership with respective Professional Association (i.e.BMDC etc.), Photographs, TIN Certificate, Business Card etc.

Businessman & Landlords:

Copy of National ID/Voter ID/ Passport or driver license, Bank Statement for last 12 months, Copy of Trade License (for proprietorship & partnership firm)/Partnership Deed (for partnership firm) /Memorandum & Article of Association and copy of share summary (for Limited Liability Co.), Monthly Sales Report of last 12 months for businessman, Rental Agreement (For landlords), Proof of property ownership/ municipal tax receipt (For landlords), Statement of the A/C where rental income is reflected (For landlords), Photographs, TIN Certificate etc.


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