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Treasury Back Office
Treasury Back Office of SIBL has been functioning successfully having a sufficient/good number of skilled officials headed by Senior Vice President who has a long experience in this business line.

As an integral part of bank's treasury management Treasury Back Office checks, confirms, settles and reconciles the foreign Exchange deals conducted by the Treasury front Office. With a view to prevent unauthorized Foreign Exchange dealings, minimize the potential error and fraud involved in dealings Treasury Back Office ensures check and cross check at each and every level of dealings. Treasury Back Office also places information related to the following functions before the management of the bank on a regular basis.

Management has been giving utmost importance to the functioning of treasury operations both Front & back Office i.e. from dealing, LC settlement, export proceeds, Reconciliation etc as it has always been considered as an important avenue for generating income of the bank.
Functional/Operational activities of Treasury Back Office
Settlement and Delivery.
Accounts and Profit & loss findings.
Nostro A/C reconciliation.
1. Settlement: Settlement is the exchange of payments between counter parties on the value date of the transaction. The settlement of foreign exchange transaction can involve the use of SWIFT/secure means.
2. Accounts: The accounting/financial are should ensure that the entries are taken into General Ledger properly and timely and profit / loss are verified.
3. Reconciliations: When foreign exchange transaction/deals are posted in the books of the bank, it must be reflected through a corresponding entry in the statement of Nostro A/C sent by the correspondent Banks abroad & thus reconciled.
4. Reporting: Send all required regulatory reports, respond to queries of different inspections and it respond to various queries from regulator regarding reports and generate various MIS
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