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Trade Finance and RMG Division
Arranging approval for -
a. all types of proposals for L/C (Local, Foreign, Back to Back)
b. post import finance
c. forced loan
d. IBP
Claiming fund of Cash Incentive and Audit Bill reimbursement, under different categories, from Bangladesh Bank
Disbursing fund of Cash Incentive and Audit Bill reimbursement, received from Bangladesh Bank, to the respective branche
Arranging approval for 70% advance against Cash Incentive claims
Collecting Credit/Status Reports from Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) as per requests of Branches/Divisions and sending the reports to the Branches/Divisions
Arranging payment to D&B
Sending proposals of Cash Incentive claims, received from Branches, to the enlisted Audit Firm for necessary audit and issuance of certificates
Receiving Audit Certificates from Audit Firm and sending the same to the respective Branches
Enlisting, renewing and cancelling C&F agents as per proposals of Branches
Preparing and submitting daily/weekly/monthly Statements on the following subjects to Bangladesh Bank -
a. Import of essential food grains
b. Opened & settled L/Cs (34 commodities)
c. Opened & settled L/Cs for import of fertilizer (category wise) and coal
d. Opening of import L/Cs up to USD 50,000 and above USD 50,000
e. Monthly statement of L/C opened for import of fertilizer
f. Exporter Retention Quota
g. Monthly consolidated statement of transactions in Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (NFCD) & Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (RFCD)
h. Inflow & Outflow of Foreign currencies- BAFEDA
i. Foreign Exchange Business performance (Import, Export & Remittance)
j. Overdue Accepted Bill
k. Foreign Exchange Summary
l. EXP reporting
m. Weekly Export Position
n. Monthly Overdue Export Bills
o. Monthly Overdue Bill of Entry
p. Settlement Projection
q. Monthly Outstanding Export Bills

The Division also deals with all matters relating to Supervision & Monitoring of RMG & Textile Units.

The Division supervise closely the total process of export for timely shipment of readymade goods, stock inventory & compliance issue etc. & also follow up shipment schedule & utilization of repatriated proceed towards adjustment of corresponding Accepted Bills including terms liabilities, if any. Physically visit RMG Units as and when necessary (i.e. before renewal of or enhancement of the existing Limit). In case of new clients, the Division should carry out feasibility study.
List of Senior Executives of the Division
Sl. Name Designation
01. Mr. Md. Mozharul Haque Senior Vice President
02. Ms. Sultana Aleya Shirin Vice President
03. Mr. Monsur-Bin-Shahjahan Senior Assistant Vice President
04. Mr. Md. Yousuf Rana Assistant Vice President
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