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Payment Card Security
Using your SIBL Visa Debit Card or ATM Card is one of the safest ways to get cash or make purchases. Just follow these simple safety practices to help protect yourself and your card.
Safeguard Your Card
Treat your card as carefully as if it were cash.
Protect it by not exposing the magnetic stripe to other magnetic objects, which can deactivate the card.
Record your card number and all the necessary phone numbers for reporting its loss or theft, and file the information safely.
Report a lost or stolen card immediately.
Sign your card on the signature panel as soon as you receive it.
Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write it on your card or on anything you carry near it.
When selecting a PIN, avoid number combinations that relate to your personal information (no addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, NID, etc.)
Never disclose your PIN to anyone. No one should ever ask for your PIN.
ATM/CDM booth Safety
Never insert your card or enter your personal identification number (PIN) in any terminal that does not look genuine, has been modified, has a suspicious device attached, or is operating in a suspicious manner.
At a drive-up facility, keep your doors locked and all passenger windows closed. Remove your cash, receipt, and card after every transaction. If you make a withdrawal, pocket your cash immediately.
Have your card ready when you approach an ATM.
Seal checks or cash in an envelope. It is also a good idea to endorse checks with the restriction “For Deposit Only.” (applies for CDM)
Block others' view. Always stand between the terminal and any person who is waiting, or surround the keypad with hand as you enter your PIN.
Do not enter a booth if any security guard is not present or on duty.
Point of Purchase/POS Protection
Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions.
Ensure that you receive your debit card back after every purchase.
Always check sales receipts for the correct purchase amount before you sign them.
Keep copies of your receipts at least until you verify the amount on your bank statement.
Promptly check your bank and billing statements and verify the amounts of your purchases.
Do not volunteer any personal information when you use your card, other than displaying personal ID as requested by merchant.
Preventing Fraud
Closely monitor your bank statements and transactions. If you notice any transactions that seem suspicious, contact your bank right away. Using online banking services and electronic statements can help you monitor your information more quickly and easily
Don't share your PIN or account number and never loan anyone your card.
Never provide your PIN over the phone. Be especially cautious about information you discuss when using cellular phones, particularly in public areas.
Never give your card or account number over the phone unless you call to SIBL helpdesk number.
Be wary of phone scams and "robo-calls" that tell you your card has been compromised. Read about Debit/Credit Card Calls section below to know real versus a scam.
Don't fall prey to “Phishing.” Never respond to an email requesting your card number, PIN, account number, or any other sensitive personal information via the Internet.
When in doubt, use PIN for your purchase. PIN-based transactions may offer some additional protection against certain types of card fraud, so if you are uncertain about a transaction, consider using your PIN rather than your signature for purchase authorization.
Keep your contact information up to date with your bank and financial institutions so that you can be reached in the event of any questionable transactions. To learn more about preventing fraudulent transactions, please read Card Purchase Protection below.
For more tips regarding online shopping safety, see Safe Online Shopping below.
For more information on ATM and Debit Card safety, please give us a call or stop by any of our branches.
Debit/Credit Card Calls
Many Quincy-area residents have recently been targeted by automated calls stating their debit cards have been blocked or frozen. These calls, may being made to cell phone numbers and instruct listeners to enter their card number to unblock it.

These calls are NOT legitimate. They are attempts by fraudsters to trick you into providing them with your debit card number. If you receive one of these calls, hang up. Please do NOT respond or enter your card number or Personal Identification Number (PIN).

It is important to always remember to NEVER give out your debit card number, PIN, account number, NID, or any other sensitive account information in response to an unsolicited call or email.

At SIBL, if we call you regarding a debit/credit card concern, we will always identify ourselves, and we will not ask you to provide information we already have. We may ask you to verify information to authenticate your identity, but we will NOT ask you for your account numbers or complete NID.

To help you identify when a call regarding your debit/credit card is really from SIBL, please review the two types of situations in which you may receive a call from us:
Debit/Credit Card Calls You May Receive from SIBL
If SIBL identify that your debit/credit card may potentially be part of a merchant card breach like the recent Target breach, SIBL may call to personally inform you of steps are implementing by SIBL to protect you and your account which may include lowering your purchasing limits and blocking/replacing your card. Again, we will identify ourselves and explain the situation.
It is also possible that you may be contacted regarding a suspicious debit/credit card transaction. To protect you at the point-of-sale (POS), we employ a service that examines and scores incoming debit/credit card authorization requests for potential fraud. If a score falls within acceptable limits, then the transaction is approved, if it is too high, then the transaction may be declined to protect you from potential fraud.
If this is the case, an authorized representative will attempt to contact you immediately using your home and/or cell phone numbers linked to your SIBL accounts to verify the authenticity of the suspected transaction. The authorized representative will identify himself or herself as calling on behalf of SIBL and will seek to verify your identity prior to discussing transaction information with you. In an effort to do so, they will ask a series of qualifying questions. However you will NEVER be asked to provide your debit/credit card number, PIN, checking account number, or NID.
Card Purchase Protection
No matter how careful you may be with your financial records and transactions, thieves can still find a way to capture and use your debit/credit card information to make unauthorized purchases. It can happen anywhere and to anyone.

At SIBL, we make the safety and security of your financial information our top priority. As a part of our efforts to serve and protect you, we have implemented a Card Purchase Protection system, to help you guard your accounts from fraudulent card activity.

It is very important to be sure your personal contact information is always up to date.
Safe Online Shopping
As more of us turn to the Internet to do our shopping so do the fraudsters with their scams. We suggest that you follow some simple steps to protect yourself while shopping online.

If you are not sure, do not share.
Anyone can set up a website these days and fraudsters have become skilled at spoofing sites so be sure you are familiar with the retailer's site before you give them any of your financial information.

Most local websites, while doing any VISA/Master Card transactions, redirect the user in BRAC Bank/City Bank/DBBL/SSL or ITCL gateway to ensure safe transaction. If any local website does not redirect the user in any of these gateways, then it may be unsafe to do online local transactions in that website. In these cases, contact SIBL to ensure if the local website is safe.

Is the site secure?
Look for the 's' in https:// and a small padlock at the bottom of the screen before entering any payment information.

Know the terms of your purchase.
Can the product be returned and if so, who pays the shipping fees? How long will the product take to ship? What does shipping cost? Read the fine print. If it is not clear or you have concerns, make the purchase elsewhere.

Consider payment options.
There are a variety of ways to pay for online purchases. Select and use a designated credit card or reloadable pre-paid debit card to help track your online purchases while minimizing your exposure, or consider using an online payment service such as PayPal or other reputable provider when making purchases from lesser-known online retailers. Most importantly, review your transactions and account statements frequently to ensure you have been charged the correct amount for your purchases.

Print and Save.
Be sure to print and save the transaction receipt, the order number, a customer service phone number, and any other information you can just in case there is a problem with your order.

Check the privacy policy.
Find out what they are doing with your information by reading the privacy policy. If it is too complicated to read or they do not have one, choose to do business with a more consumer friendly website.

*Please do not share / handover your Card & PIN to anyone. Do not disclose too much information to anyone on the Internet. If a website is asking for your NID or driver's license number, do not share it.

It is important to remember, if you ever receive a call you are uncertain about, it is better to be safe than sorry. End the call and contact the supposed caller at a number you know to be valid. You may call SIBL Help Desk Number at +8801929988880-3 or email to

Emergency contact from aboard using viber, imo or whatsapp: 01929988884
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