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Mudaraba Savings Deposit
To open a Mudaraba Savings Deposit account in our Bank the following rules and regulations are applied:
Mudaraba i.e. Deposit of one party and on the basis of operation by another party this deposit is taken.
By providing Introducer of the account as required by the bank and by depositing a minimum amount any depositor or multiple depositor can open single or joint account. Any educational institute, Club, Association or Social institutes can open this account.
The bank may merge amount collected through this deposit and may invest in any shariah allowed investments.
After determining the annual profit/loss the depositor will get his part of profit.
In case of balance declining below bank stipulated margin in any month profit shall not be provided for that month.
Any amount can be deposited in any working hour but for applying profit the lowest amount from 6th day till the last day of the month will be taken as the deposit of that month.
Amount must be withdrawn only by bank issued instruments like cheques.
Amount can be withdrawn Twice a week but highest 4 times a month. One fourth of the deposited amount or Tk. 2000/-, the lowest can be withdrawn without notice. If any amount exceeding the above is withdrawn without providing 07 days prior notice then no profit will be applied for that month.
If an account is closed before the declaration of current years profit rate then the depositor will have to take profit as per previous years declared profit rate.
The Bank has the right to deny opening any account or can close down any existing with showing any reason.
The bank operates the client accounts with utmost attention but still if any miscalculation occurs the bank holds the right to make adjustments and rectify the problems. But in this situation if any miscreants occur which is caused by the client the bank will not be hold liable for that.
The Bank may change / amend / rectify any rules and regulations of this account and the client must abide by the rules.
The depositor by will may contribute a minimal percentage to his selected Social Development works.
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