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Information & Communication Technology Division
Social Islami Bank Ltd is the pioneer amongst Islami banks in Bangladesh to introduce online banking facilities from the year 2003. It has been a rapidly growing bank in Bangladesh. As the bank is expanding this will add a lot of leverage to its existing network of branches & customer base, and will require the bank to become much more dynamic to pursue its goals.

Through the development cycle a number of technology enablers has been introduced, which gradually helped the bank to reach the peak of the banking industry in not only Bangladesh but also in the global arena for the years to come.

SIBL has clearly understood the holistic picture of the banking industry and how the Bangladesh financial market is especially adapting to the technology needs. In order to position itself as a leader and pave the way for other banking services, SIBL took a clear vision in respect to the services it wants to offer to its customers and the services which will be required at the back end to enable such services. SIBL is gradually working based on the below vision in order to achieve its goals:
The Interactive Layer
The Application Layer
The Infrastructure
The Interactive layer will constitute the hub of communication associated with the banking and will enable the technologies which help in the interaction with the customer at grass root level. This layer will help the bank explore more into the potentials of the 21st century of Banking industry and its needs. Some of the highlights include:
International Remittance
Customer Care
Consumer Banking
Door-to-Door Small & Medium Industries (SME) Banking
Phone Banking
Capital Market Segment
L/C Opening and Tracking
Web Based Services
Mobile Banking or M-Commerce
These interactive enablers which will help for direct interaction with the customers will create a great vision, one which will help the bank succeed in its legacy banking and slowly pave the path for new banking products and services.

The Application Layer will constitute all the banking applications which will enable the interactive technologies to perform smoothly and will run over the infrastructure system supporting the financial transactions. The application layer will mainly include all banking and in-house software applications which will host the banks financial services. This may include:
Core Banking
Communication ApplicationsInternational Banking Systems & Payment Gateways
Inventory Management Systems
Procurement Systems
Database Systems
Internet Banking Systems
Mobile Banking Systems
The applications will be handled in details by specific teams which will not only constitute programmers, but also DBA and System Administrators all of which will monitor the core banking system applications and help in the banks overall growth and act as an ICT enabler for the bank in the market.

The Infrastructure Layer will constitute the complete A-Z infrastructure physical hardware and peripherals which will enable all Application services and will be the most crucial part of the banking system, as the entire system will depend on it. Systems needs to positioned keeping in mind the level of redundancy and scalability to gain maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These will include:
Data Center (DC)
Disaster Recovery Site (DRS)
Networking Systems
Cheque Clearing
Server & Storage Farms
Network Operations Center (NOC)
Card Printing
ICT Hardware Support
The infrastructure is maintained by highly skilled personnel and will ensure the 24x7 operations of the bank ensuring proper banking services.

Based on the above vision SIBL already has constructed state of the art Data Center and Networking Systems to deliver the latest IT enabled services to the valued customers. The Bank has also implemented fully integrated, centralized, real-time, multi-currency Islamic retail banking solution ABABIL, that helps deliver competitive products and excellent service to customers. It supports consumer and corporate banking as well as treasury operations on a single platform. Construction of Disaster Recovery Site is underway and will be completed very soon.
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