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Visa Islamic Credit Card (Local)
Shariah Compliance Card
Free Supplementary Card
Cash withdrawal facility from ATM
EMV Chip based and PIN enabled highly Secured Card
Fund Transfer Facility up to 90% of available balance to card holder account maintaining with any bank
0% i-Pay up to 24 months installments at selective Merchant outlets.
Reward Program: 50% or 100% waiver on annual fee / Gift voucher
Lower profit rate in the market
Attractive Discount facilities at selective merchant outlets
POS & e-commerce transactions
Profit Free Period up to 51 days
E-commerce transactions secured by 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
Flexible Payment Facilities
Investment Products
Special Investment
Deposit Products
Mudaraba Scheme Deposits
Al Wadiah Current Account
Mudaraba Savings Deposit
Mudaraba Term Deposit
Mudaraba Notice Deposit
Cash Waqf. Deposit
SIBL Super Saving Account
SIBL Credit Card
Visa Islamic Credit Card (Dual)
Visa Islamic Credit Card (Local)
SIBL Zameel Debit Card
Special Offers
Internet Banking