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Special Asset Management Division
Special Asset Management Division (SAMD) started its activities from September 2010 for better functional & continual process of up gradation and to robustly initiate the recovery activities of the bank. The whole Division is restructured and recognized for ensuring a better recovery of segregated into the following sections:
On-sight Desk
Off-sight Desk
Desk for Execution of Decision
Legal Affairs Desk
Desk for Reporting to the Regulators & the Management
The main job of the division is devoted to reduce and/ or adjustment of Bankís NPI Assets and for better management of classified liabilities adopting advanced, specialized tools and mechanism including initiating legal procedures to arrest deterioration of assets and speed up recovery of writing-off investment.

The division is maintaining continuous & vigorous contact & strong monitoring for recovery with the branches having NPI Assets & also established direct contacts with the clients to recover NPI dues outside of the Court.

The division also processes all the related issues like negotiations for settlement outside of Court, Written-off and Rescheduling for better result of reducing the classified investments.

Mean while, the division successfully reduced Bankís NPI Assets to 3.75% in 2001 comparing 4.49% in the year 2010 and shows the level of efficiency in portfolio management and successful drive towards recovery of NPI Assets and total cash recovery against Classified. Rescheduled and Written-off investment to satisfactory level. The division is expected to achieve a better position through concerted efforts in reducing the classified investment and recovery off the Written-off investment in the year 2012.
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