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Subarno Rekha - Special Savings Scheme for Women
Women can ensure an economically sound life by availing this scheme which shall pay a lump sum amount with attractive profit or as monthly pension scheme as per their requirement .
The scheme is run in compliance with Mudaraba policy of Islami Shariah
Depositing a small amount monthly the women can withdraw the total deposit at a time including attractive profit or as periodical/monthly pension after maturity.
The scheme shall be opened for long 3, 5 and 10 years.
The scheme holders shall be insured against any risk of accident and shall be entitled to an insurance facility from Tk.50,000 to Tk.1,00,000
The scheme holders shall get up to 80 percent investment facility of total deposit.
The scheme holders are entitled to a savings account at the bank.
The beneficiaries shall get annual charge free Debit card and Credit card of the bank.
The account can be closed before maturity in emergency and in that case profit would be given at savings rate of the bank.
Conditions applicable.
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