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SSI List (NOSTRO Account)
Sl No Bank Name SWIFT/BIC Currency Account No.
USD Accounts
01. Standard Chartered Bank, New York SCBLUS33 USD 3582087451001
02. Mashreq Bank PSC, New York MSHQUS33 USD 70120388
03. Mashreq Bank PSC, New York (Only OBU) MSHQUS33 USD 70009374
04. Sonali Bank (UK) Limited BSONGB2L USD 02000 00427500
EURO Accounts
01. Standard Chartered Bank, Frankfurt SCBLDEFX EURO 18080700
02. Commerz Bank AG COBADEFF EURO 400871495800EUR
03. Sonali Bank (UK) Limited BSONGB2L EURO 06000 00427500
GBP Accounts
01. Standard Chartered Bank, London SCBLGB2L GBP 1705728801
02. Sonali Bank (UK) Limited BSONGB2L GBP 01000 00427500
03. United National Bank, UK NBPAGB2L GBP 1000264001
JPY Accounts
01. Standard Chartered Bank, Tokyo, Japan SCBLJPJT JPY 215053-1-1-10
SAR Accounts
01. Saudi Hollandi Bank, Riyadh, KSA AAALSARI SAR 010407911005
ACU Accounts
01. AB Bank Limited, Mumbai, India ABBLINBB ACU 5001000018155
02. Mashreq Bank PSC, Mumbai, India MSHQINBB ACU 61049568
03. Standard Chartered Bank, Kolkata, India SCBLINBBCAL ACU 32205072562
04. Sonali Bank Limited, Kolkata, India BSONINCC ACU C102ACUD22
05. United Bank of India, Kolkata, India UTBIINBBCAL ACU 0084050092861
06. Habib Bank Limited, Karachi HABBPKKA007 ACU 00077900834503
07. NIB Bank Limited, Karachi NIBPPKKA ACU 14928618
08. Bank of Bhutan Ltd, Phuentsholing BHUBBTBT ACU 30200110000170106
09. Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd, Katmandu NPBBNPKA ACU 999011091D
** Mashreq Bank PSC, New York (Only OBU): Only for the Payment to OBU, SIBL
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