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Managing Director's Secretariat
The Managing Director's Secretariat is headed by Mr. Shakil Ahmed, Senior Assistant Vice President.

The Secretariat has been working to persuade the following objectives:
Better customer focus and performance management
Optimizing efficiency and productivity
Focus on accountability and reward culture.
The Secretariat is responsible for supervising, monitoring and following up of appropriate disposal of works related to different Divisions/Departments/Units/Cells at Head Office, Dhaka, Regional Office, Chittagong and Branches of SIBL. The Secretariat issues operational instructions and monitors implementation of the objectives consistent with the Bank's strategy. It also places routine business/operational affairs to the Managing Director of the Bank.

The Secretariat works with strategic plan adopted in accordance to the Cluster Monitoring System. It reviews the business financials of the core Branches of the Bank at regular intervals and also evaluates key performances of each individual employee of different Divisions/Departments/Units/Cells at Head Office, Dhaka, Regional Office, Chittagong and Branches as and when required.

The Concurrent Audit System, introduced in the Bank to check and verify the transactions and accounts of any Branch on daily basis, is supervised and monitored by the Secretariat in collaboration with the IC&CD, Head Office.

At the other extreme, the Secretariat is directly organizing and controlling the “Friendly Audit System” which is an official friendly system to check and verify the transactions of any particular day of a Branch of the Bank. This system aims to develop professional friendship with fellow colleagues as well as to improve one's knowledge and skills to ensure “Quality Management System” in the Bank. By far, the “Friendly Audit” is an on-site audit of a Branch for a single day.

The Managing Director's Secretariat also arranges to conduct surprise inspection/investigation/visit (on random basis) to Branches by its Vigilance Team as per the Managing Director's instruction. It is responsible for execution/follow up of the Managing Director's instructions/queries. It attends complaints received from the Branches/customers. It also arranges following up of risk obligations in large investment portfolio and ensures maintenance of harmony of functions between different Divisions/Departments/Units/Cells at Head Office, Dhaka, Regional Office, Chittagong and Branches to achieve the objectives of the Bank.
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